Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Avantika’s Game To Marry Sahil

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Avantika’s Game To Marry Sahil


Avantika goes to Sahil’s room. She says there has been abnormal happenings with them since starting. Today they will wed for his folks. This is called destiny, they must be a couple. She constantly thought about his family as her family; she guarantees to dependably regard his folks. She will be an ideal little girl in law and immaculate spouse. She instructs him to prepare and come first floor.

Sahil now talks he has lost his heart in hands of just a single individual, her senior sister Vaidika Sahil Kashab. He and Vaidika have a place with one another, in this and all lives to come. Avantika may never comprehend the association between them. Avantika sits other than Sahil yet he holds up. Avantika persuade Sahil that Vaidika is a matured young lady, he isn’t the ideal couple for her. His proposition had desired Avantika, not Vaidika. She can give him what Vaidika can never. Sahil says Avantika can give him nothing, she should break this expectation that he would wed her one day.

Avantika flaunts she realizes how to pull in men, and one day Sahil would without a doubt begin to look all starry eyed at her. Sahil says it’s a misconception, he is Sahil and is unique in relation to other men. He just has a place with Vaidika. What Avantika needs will never happen. Avantika says she is leaving his dress, on the off chance that not her, at that point at any rate for his dad he should go to the mandap.

Prem Pratab sat in the house, upset. His significant other brings tea for him. Arju comes there getting some information about Vaidika. She sees the strain. Her Bhabhi says Vaidika left home. Prem Pratab says somebody assaulted Vaidika’s dad in law, Vaidika is being accused; Vaidika needed to separate Sahil and leave home. Shashi Bhoshan’s will papers additionally approached.

He said the property must be named after the family just if Avantika weds Sahil. Prem Pratab says they couldn’t control Avantika who left. They feel embarrassed about Avantika, who wish to obliterate her sister’s family. Arju was irate and says Avantika must contribute to this. Arju faults Prem Pratab and his significant other for never being a solidarity to Vaidika.

She would call Vaidika at this moment, nobody forfeits their home in the present age. She attempts Vaidika’s telephone however it was off.Sahil sat with God’s venerated image and goes to join with Vaidika. He without a moment’s delay feels as though Vaidika was near.you can visit this site for more knowledge  Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se.

Vaidika had come to outside Kashab’s home. She was resolved to disclose Avantika’s fact. There, Sahil goes through the halls. Tanush comes to behind Vaidika, and stuffs her nose with medication to make her oblivious. He supposes Avantika called him at the ideal time. Sahil had recently achieved where Vaidika had been some time back. Sahil supposes he feels Vaidika is near, and feels irritated; if Vaidika is stuck in an unfortunate situation. He supposes he will secure Vaidika at any expense.

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