Best 2019 Phones They’re Worth Your Money

Best 2019 Phones They’re Worth Your Money

American scientists conducted a study to find out whether cell phone radiation is harmful to human health. Their purpose was to prove or deny the very common theories in society that radio frequency beams emanating from mobile devices can cause brain cancer over time. According to mobile phone specialists, it can be noticed that while this myth is very stupid and users believe it, they are not deliberately limiting their active use of mobile devices.

Mobile phones emit radio frequency radiation, which is less harmful than ionizing radiation produced by X-rays. Ionizing radiation can cause DNA damage, which can lead to cancer later. Radio frequencies emitted by mobile phones work in a completely different way, as scientists have proven. No health abnormalities were observed in both sexes in the second experiment. For two years, the researchers experimented with rats. Every day at 9 am The effect of 2G and 3G on animals was investigated.

According to mobile phone specialists, if you have already held last year ‘s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus , you already know how this year’s news looks. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus have practically never changed in appearance.

However, even a year later, the design of these models gives a pleasant impression, as the screen is practically scratched. Galaxy S9 with 5.8 inches the diagonal screen is a compact device, and here’s 6.2 inches. Galaxy S9 Plus has one hand to handle. We have the same Super AMOLED screens with 2960 x 1440 pixels resolution. The screen settings allow you to turn on a blue light filter that makes the screen warmer and reduces the eye load.

It has been observed that some males had small heart tumors and that the females were completely healthy. No health abnormalities were observed in both sexes in the second experiment. Furthermore, rats exposed to radiation lived longer than those who did not participate in the experiment. True, scientists do not rule out that this is just a coincidence. According to researchers, mobile phone users spend less time exposed to radio frequency radiation than the study rats. ”

Even in the case of active daily use of mobile phones, we have not noticed an increase in the number of diseases such as brain cancer in most adults,” said US Food and Drug Control. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society, agreed that there is no clear evidence of a link between the use of a mobile phone and the onset of cancer.

Though the phones really look the same as last year’s flags, their weight and dimensions have changed a little, so Galaxy S8 trays won’t get the news. When you look at the back of the devices, it is immediately clear that the Koreans nevertheless heard the users. The fingerprint reader is already in the right place here – under the main camera. Now taking the smart, the finger is immediately on the scanner.For best services you can visit just goto mobilieji telefonai.

This is an easy-to-use fingerprint reader layout solution. Well, if this way of unlocking your phone isn’t at your heart, you can choose to scan your iris, face recognition, unlock pattern, password, or PIN. Smartphone casing, like last year’s models, is a combination of a metal frame and tempered glass. The phones look really impressive and are pleasantly in the hands. True, the back cover instantly covers fingerprints, and the phone itself is slippery. So if you want to enjoy a great looking flagship longer, be sure to buy a tray.

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