Is It Time To Crush The Candy?

Is It Time To Crush The Candy?

With news that Candy Crush Saga is netting $670,000 per day, from those Candy Crushers that are so hooked on the game that they are spending huge sums to play the match, Britain’s Daily Mail is asserting that the United Kingdom Office of Fair Trading wants guidelines on these games such as Candy Crush which have exploitative game mechanics.

Candy Crush Saga is undoubtedly the biggest game on the planet right now. It has over 50 million Likes on Facebook, and achieved over 10 million downloads in December of 2012 alone. It’s currently the highest grossing program in both Apple and Google’s online stores, and it’s estimated more than 45 million individuals play it every month. Its premise is simple: players are presented with a grid of different colored candy and have to horizontally fun88 or vertically swap the places of two adjoining candies so as to create sets of 3 or more candies of the exact same color. The game is divided into distinct, and increasingly harder levels, with different prerequisites before that amount is complete: players may have to eliminate specific ingredients, remove specific candies, or just reach a specified score.

Depending on which model a player plays – Facebook or Smartphone – there are approximately 500 levels, using a brand new degree added every week, thereby making the’finish line’ of Candy Crush an ever-moving goal pole.

The trick to its financial success is the limited amount of lives a player has, which are lost each time a player fails at a struggle. With the inherent frustration in-built at not being able to solve such a seemingly straightforward game, this can lead a few players to purchase lives, boosters and access which can help them keep playing and progress through the degrees. With some players mentioned as racking up debts of thousands of dollars so as to play the game, there is a developing market for guides and systems that may help individuals play the sport – and advancement through the degrees – more cheaply.

The ideal method is undoubtedly Crush the Candy. Produced by James Lee, a Candy Crush enthusiast himself and a master gamester, the on-line program provides every suggestion, tip and key to help every player win at every level and achieve the highest levels publicly and easily. The database is updated frequently by Lee himself along with a host of other superb Candy Crush players – or rock stars because the gamester world call such experts.

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